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The Dynafold AF300 paper folding machineis 2019-08-27

The Dynafold AF300 paper folding machineis a light-duty machine that is simple to use. In addition to beingable to make the standard folds on the standard paper sizes, its makersclaim that SK-A Precision Collet it can fold paper into a zigzag pattern, or with a fold out.Here we will take a look at some of the product's pros and cons, to tryand help you make a more informed purchasing choice.


    The Dynafold AF300 is a surprisingly feature-rich paperfolding machine for its relatively low price point. The AF300 can foldletter size sheets as well as A4 or legal size paper. You can even setit to fold paper as small as four by six inches.Featuringfour primary settings, including half, third (letter), fold out, or zigzag, the AF300's fold plates are manual, and can be set for folds thatare different from the presets.This electric folder can workthrough 4000 sheets in an hour, you the user can set it up to be usedmanually. Plus, using the manual feed slot, you can fold as many asthree sheets at a time.Though it has a feed hopper that canhold around fifty sheets at a time, it's probably best to use it tohold about half that many in order to avoid paper jams and feedproblems.The AF300 comes with a desk stand, making it ultra convenient for placement either on your desk or next to your postage meter.


    Manual adjustment is required for the AF300's fold plates.In order to do so correctly the user must loosen the set screws andrelocate the paper stops by hand. The first few times, this can proveto be a bit of a hassle, and it might take a bit to set it upcorrectly. There are some tricks that will make the process a littleeasier, such as using the manual feed knob on the machine's side inorder to feed the sheets though. You'll want to keep an eye on thepaper when it hits the stops. If they are misaligned, the folder won'tmake straight folds. All told, the AF300 can sometimes take as long asfifteen minutes to set up. Great if you are using mostly one style offold, but perhaps not so convenient for frequent changes.Becauseof the way the fold rollers are set up, you will find that the AF300 isnot an option for folding heavier or glossy paper stocks. These type ofstocks will result in paper jams, misfeeds and other problems.TheAF-300 is probably best used for low volume projects. While a fewhundred papers a week is well within its scope, you will find that themore paper you try to fold, the more paper jams you will experience.While the same can be said of most all other folders in this pricerange, it is something to be considered.


Pretty versatile for the price, the AF300 gives the low volume user afew options when it comes to folding different patterns. Due to therelative difficulty of changing the patterns, though, it is probablybest suited for a user who Edge Finder will generally want to stick to only onestyle of folding.

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