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GBC ProClick spines can make your documentslook great and wholesale Pull Stud with the right machine 2019-08-13

GBC ProClick spines can make your documentslook great and wholesale Pull Stud with the right machine, you can make a ton of books in avery short amount of time. That device is the P3000, a machine that hasa lightning-fast binding speed, among other features. Let's take a lookat the positives and negatives of this product.


The supplies that this machine uses, GBC ProClick spines,are some of the most versatile binding supplies available. These spinesare available in four colors (black, blue, frost, and white) and threesizes: 5/16" (62 sheets), 1/2" (100 sheets), and 5/8" (125 sheets). Thespines can be opened up after a book has been bound, allowing you toedit your document.The main attraction of the P3000 is itsincredibly fast binding speed. It can bind a booklet in just 6 seconds,which means it can bind up to 450 books in one hour. This is simply oneof the fastest binding machines currently available.The machine has an integrated punch. It's located at the bottom of the unit and it can punch up to 15 sheets at a time.ProClickspines are easy to use to begin with, and the CNC Lathe Tool Manufacturers process can be eveneasier when the P3000 is used. The unit has an LCD display that willtake you through the entire binding process, making the deviceextremely user-friendly even for beginners.Instead ofloading one spine at a time into the device, the P3000 uses cassettesthat contain 20 spines. This cuts way down on the amount of time spentpreparing the machine for use.This is a product that looksgreat and has a footprint similar to that of a printer. It will blendin nicely with your other office devices while not taking up too muchroom.The P3000 comes with a one-year on-site servicecontract without an additional fee. The contract is valued at $299.00,so this is a great money-saving feature.

Most of the weaknesses of the P3000 have to do with thenature of ProClick spines themselves. For example, the spines canreally only be used for letter-sized documents. You cannot bind booksthat are larger than 8.5" x 11." Also, the highest binding capacity is125 sheets, so this isn't a good method if you need to make longerbooks on a regular basis. (Thermal or plastic comb binding is betterfor those documents.) Finally, some people might find the colorselection a bit limited. If that's the case, color coil binding is theway to go.The P3000's punching capacity might beproblematic when you're producing a lot of books. For example, if youcreated a 125-page book, you'd need to use the punch more than 8 timesto get all your pages ready. This can lead to a lot of time spentpunching, especially when you're creating a big pile of books. Also,you may experience some problems if you try to punch plastic covers. Ifyou'd like to use that type of cover, there are pre-punched ones youcan use instead.Overall, the GBC ProClick Pronto P3000 is agreat binding machine for people who love the look of documents boundwith ProClick spines. The machine binds very quickly and it looksgreat, too. If your office needs a machine that can keep up with yourdocument production demands and you're a fan of ProClick supplies, thisproduct would be a fantastic choice.

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